1. Dylan Toymaker


The RotoGoboScope is an extension of my Pierced Can-O-Lantern series.  It's intention is to create a moving light-scape of patterned dots, like a slow motion junkyard disco.  Built from 95% recycled metals, this project is ready to run off regular household current (110v AC)  or an off-grid friendly 12 Volt DC.  3 motors and up to one dozen 1 watt LEDs (plus electronics) comprise the new materials;  bike wheel rims, a laundry machine drum, clothing display stand, coffee cans, and EMT pipe are the re-purposed parts framework.

Dylan Toymaker is a new/old/inter media artist, working with digital 2D, electronics, community activation, CAD-assisted building, recycled materials sculpture, lighting design and event scale installations. He completed a degree in anthropology at the University of Alberta to understand the role of art in cultural transformation.   He lives and works in Edmonton, AB.  You can find his small-scale works at www.crystalcradle.ca.