10. Chelsea Boos + Teng Chong

A crowd of tiny people are standing on a floating island looking up in awe at a strange and mesmerizing light caught up in the sky among the trees.

The light is a faceted glass structure glowing softly. This structure is hanging in balance with a concrete cylinder block. A crowd of tiny figures are standing on this gilded concrete cylinder with their faces up at the light. 

Chelsea Boos is a multi-disciplinary visual artist currently living in the artistic wellspring of Alberta Avenue. When she is not drifting through the streets of Edmonton in search of the next subject of Back Words, her column in Vue Weekly, she can be found making the city more beautiful through art and design. Most recently she worked with the Edmonton Arts Council coordinating transitory public art, including the Colour Alley project, winner of an Edmonton Urban Design Award.  A regular vendor at the Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair, Chelsea has an affinity for the hand-made. She believes craft is the love-child of art and design. 

Teng Chong has a masters from the Istituto Europeo Di Design in Madrid, Spain in which her thesis involved capturing the city in a more engaging way. Her work is inspired by travels to different places and also by the honesty and beauty in different materials. Teng works as a freelance designer, and is also a small-scale freelance craft designer and maker - with marketing and sales at craft-fairs and trade-fairs locally and internationally.