11. Maria Landry + Eugene Dening + Chris vander Hoek

URDU: URban DiffUser

The light structure is a modular system that, when assembled, becomes a membrane and passageway to the park. Acting as an illuminated beacon to both pedestrian and car traffic, the membrane enhances the movement and vibrancy of the park by receiving and projecting shadows of passersby. The structure itself is created from reused fluorescent light diffuser panels that have been closed into cylindrical forms and stacked in a brick-like manner. The system is an incredibly flexible method of generating urban furniture and form.

Maria Landry was raised in Calgary and has lived and worked throughout Canada and her native Chile. She has a lifelong affinity for art and architecture, and has recently completed her Master of Architecture at the University of Calgary. Maria is interested in all aspects of design, but is most passionate about its capacity to create social change. In addition to her love of art and architecture, she is a math nerd at heart, and holds math degrees from both the University of Waterloo and the University of British Columbia. Maria currently works for GEC Architecture in Edmonton.

Eugene Dening is a Masters of Architecture candidate at UBC. He is here in Edmonton on an 8 month work term at Architecture ATB. Eugene obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Calvin College, MI where he studied drawing and printmaking.

Chris vander Hoek loves to design and build cool things at all scales. He grew up in Edmonton, but has travelled extensively, and is excited about city and culture. His favorite places to travel were Istanbul and Brazil, and to live; Barcelona. Chris is currently an Intern Architect at Group2 Architecture, and went to school in Edmonton and Calgary.