3. Ryan Spotowski

Dichotomy of Alberta

My project is based on challenging what concrete can be through
experimentation in embedding fiber optic fibers in concrete.  In order
to create concrete as an approachable material, I’ve invented a method
for transmitting light through concrete to prove that concrete does
not need to be a dark and bleak object. My goal for the project is to
create a larger proof of concept of this concrete and to use it for a
sculpture.  The sculpture is called the Dichotomy of Alberta and is
meant to show the two, often opposing cultures in Alberta: the urban
cities, characterized by the street lights and concrete jungles, and
the rural prairie, characterized by the boundless night sky.  Through
the sculpture and the material, I hope to show that there can be
beauty in unexpected places.

Ryan Spotowski is an industrial designer based in Edmonton and a
self-proclaimed concrete aficionado.  His work is primarily concerned
with going beyond the functionality of the object in order to consider
local production, readily available materials, a system of
distribution, and how to shape an unlikely material into a desired
object.  He enjoys the underappreciated aspects of concrete and the
possibilities that come from it.