5. Justin Keats

Balloon Faces

I wanted to create a piece that represented inclusion and dialogue of the different communities that make up Downtown as a whole.  I decided to use the literal representation of a human head to provide impact and relate on a personal level - but became even more excited with the realization that each character could be constructed with the local newsletter of specific cultures or community groups.  They are unique texturally, and I enjoy that the words of each of Edmonton's communities have transformed the bright glare of a white compact florescent into a warm and inviting human yellow.

Justin Keats is a local artist specializing in traditional illustration along with mixed medias and modern graphic design.  He's a big Edmonton fan at heart, and has made the conscious decision in choosing to live in the downtown core, with the hope of watching (and being a part of) it transform in the coming years.  780-934-6039 / justinkeats@hotmail.com