6. Alexander Stewart

little piece of me

In 2010 Alex was working late, trying to hollow out an old stump for a project that was coming up on its deadline. With little respect for the material, he split it in half and proceeded to carve up its interior. he was unaware that the log held a secret: The log had begun to be eaten aware by microscopic organisms and Alex was releasing them into the air. These tiny creature found a new home in Alex╩╝s Lungs, resulting in what the doctors called pneumonia. Two years later he has finally returned to the stump; to work with it and not against it. 

Alexander Stewart is Conceptual Artist working in the field Design. His work focuses on the physicality of interaction found in the objects we use everyday. Infusing design work with a conceptual focus on perception, his works are engaging functionally, physically and mentally. He believes in pushing the limits of what our built environment can do for us and what it might do in our future.

This design is a play on the role of light in a space and was inspired by my experience of light while walking through a forest.  The half section of tree hangs on the wall like a wall sconce.  instead of being illuminated, this lamp projects the light onto the floor.  Within the piece is a screen that alters the light in such a way that the projected light pattern on the ground is reminiscent of sun dappling through leaves.