9. Stefanie Torres

Big Picture Focus

Big Picture Focus is a projection piece created by the artist using only second-hand items either purchased like the Kodak Carousel Projector 4600 or the slides that were received via public donations.  Looking to give a second chance at life to the items by altering the 2X2 inch slides with mixed media to create a story with words and images, the artist's objective was to literally project a positive outlook on life to the gallery space.  Using the remote control, the viewer can briefly press the forward or reverse button to change slides in the desired direction, and to view the different slides.

“Art is everything, but everything is not art” – an adage told to her by her first art history teacher, continues to resonate with Stefanie Torres to this day.  Stefanie first experimented with screen-printing in high school.  Later in life, looking to create a passive income, she reacquainted herself with printmaking and started In.3S.Tees, a custom-design print company in 2006.  Since then she has created eye-catching prints for a multitude of clients.  When she’s not printmaking, she can be found expanding her visual art skills into different mediums and styles such as projections, eco-design, and photography.

Stefanie: Printmaker, visual artist

1-780-236-3334 / in3stees@hotmail.com

Submission for illumiNITE Design Competition and the Alley of Light

Using a second hand Carousel Projector I am looking to project different images that the viewer will be able to flip through on there own to see a story on the red wall of the building facing into the park. I will be creating my own film slides for the projector using such things as old transparencies, old viewfinder slides, mixed media etc. I'm looking to create a story with positive outlook on life to encourage such things as growth, thought, curiosity, joy for the viewer. I may also incorporate a cube shaped LiteBrite (that I will be refurbishing on the outside) where the viewer can title the story they are seeing and ultimately leaving it up to the viewer to play with the LiteBrite as they see fit.

I'm trying to keep the description as loose as possible as I there will be some trial and error to see how the films will work. Projecting positivity will be my main objective in this art piece for illumiNITE.